Mr. Men: ‘You’ and the Silly Birthday Party (classic size)

Boys and girls who love the Mr Men and Little Miss will adore appearing in their own Silly Birthday book alongside such favourites as Mr. Happy, Mr. Tickle, and Little Miss Scatterbrain. Children feature in the story in the form of an avatar, created from details such as their hair and eye colour, and join all their favourite Mr Men and Little Miss characters for a very silly birthday party. This book is also available in extra-large gift size.

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ISBN 9781405262620

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Little Miss Birthday arrived to collect {name} and the cake.

“Right, now we need to buy the present,” said Little Miss Birthday. They drove to the pet shop.

“I was thinking something like that would be perfect,” said Little Miss Birthday, pointing to a huge elephant outside the pet shop.

“A pet elephant? What a silly present!” exclaimed {name}.

“But that’s the whole idea!” Little Miss Birthday said.


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